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Wash Me

Team 2 Awesome

Table of contents Canvas 1.0

Canvas 2.0ChangesNew componentsRecap


2/22/2016Team 2 Awesome2

2/22/2016Team 2 Awesome3


Canvas 1.0


Canvas 2.0 - Changes

2/22/2016Team 2 Awesome5

Canvas 2.0 New components6

hypothesis2/22/2016Team 2 Awesome7Business Model Component: Value PropositionHypothesis:Professionals have the laundry problemTestSurveysValidationThe majority stating that they would like to get rid of the laundry task

(Low, Very High)

10Business Model Component: Value PropositionHypothesis:People will pay a premium to have their laundry picked up and delivered at home.TestMeasure Product success through willingness to use by conducting surveys and by the Landing PageValidationIf 50% of total business people interviewed answers positively and captures consumers

10(Low, Very High)


hypothesisBusiness Model Component: Value PropositionHypothesis:Consumers will use our service if we return the laundry back in 48 hoursTestSurveys Validation50% of people interviewed states 48 hours as an acceptable time range to get laundry back.

(Average, Average)

92/22/2016Team 2 Awesome8Business Model Component: Value PropositionHypothesis:Consumers are willing to pay at least 1,8 per shirtTestSurveysValidationIf average price selected is between 1,6 and 2

(Average, High)



hypothesisBusiness Model Component: Key PartnersHypothesis:Laundry Services are willing to be our partnersTestWillingness to Partner defined through Managers interviewsValidation50% of positive responses during our interviews

(Low, High)

82/22/2016Team 2 Awesome9Business Model Component: Key PartnersHypothesis:Laundry services are able to deliver us the shirts back in 10-24 hours (High, High - 16)TestQuestionnaires and previous experienceValidationService completed between the agreed period

(High, High)



hypothesisBusiness Model Component: Revenues StreamHypothesis:The premium that people pay in order to get laundry picked up and delivered at home combined with a quantity reduction practiced by laundry services will create a significant profit margin.TestFinancial Projections and InterviewsValidationIf surveyed customers are willing to pay 60% plus fixed costs of laundry services and if financial projections reveal a significant profit margin

(Low, High)

162/22/2016Team 2 Awesome10

8Business Model Component: Key ResourcesHypothesis:Employed drivers are way to go TestSurveys and questionnairesValidationMore than 50% are willing to provide the service with a salary of 900 average

8(Low, High)


hypothesisBusiness Model Component: Key PartnersHypothesis:Offices are willing to be our partnersTestInterviews and meetingsValidationif the majority replies positively on a direct approach.

(Average, Average)

92/22/2016Team 2 Awesome11Business Model Component: Key PartnersHypothesis:Offering an express service will increase the demand for our servicesTestSurveysValidationIf requests of an express service are higher than a regular service

(Low, Low)



2/22/2016Team 2 Awesome12