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Landscape and Heritage An opportunity for sustainable development
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Transcript of Armenia atu abril 2013 fin federico

  • Landscape and Heritage An opportunity for sustainable development

  • Dilijan city. Master Plan

  • Dilijan National Park

  • Goshavank monastery and village

  • Hagartsin Monastery

  • Guadix County Surface 2.051 km2 Population 38.840 people N cities/villages 32 Guadix (greater) 18.920 people Dehesas Guadix (smaller) 486 people



  • A very striking landscape. Region and cave houses

  • A summary of the specific problems affecting this area (1994): In the population centers there are accessibility issues and inadequate environmental management, both in terms of water and municipal solid waste treatment. Inappropriate construction and the neglect of outlying areas threaten the urban culture and the local environment. In social terms : the most pressing problems are long-term unemployment. Property speculation causing an increase in building density and loss of typological values in the region of the cave houses located in the northern part of the province. Low population densitywell below the average Andalusian provincial environment densities of 19 Habitants/Km2. A gross family income of 7,200 per capita, which is lower than the Andalusia average.

  • A single action can regenerate a region? And being sustainable over time.

    City of Science. Valencia

    Santiago Calatrava. Architect

    City of Wine, Elciego (La Rioja) Frank Gehry Architect,d.ZGU&psig=AFQjCNE6sluOPiSw875nto7zoAwfK0I0Ug&ust=1366124642736673,d.ZGU&psig=AFQjCNE6sluOPiSw875nto7zoAwfK0I0Ug&ust=1366124642736673,d.ZGU&psig=AFQjCNGX6W03xQKj-Q93eeC5Lowzr_bVqw&ust=1366181091991352

  • Many small actions made by different companies and SME, located in the region, can cause a networking integral. Ensuring sustainability over time,d.ZG4&psig=AFQjCNFo-L4SuTXdi8gttQbrHVGUX8ZiiQ&ust=1365594186282322

  • Sustainability Strategy: Regenerating the Enviroment and Heritage Define the Vital Project. Methodology LEADER program EU


    Improvement of urban habitat

    Tourism development

    Social Cohesion

    Territorial Cohesion

    Economic development

    1. Urban Plan: City, Environment, Region

    2. Action Plan.

    3. Innovative Management: Rural Development Group Guadix.

    4. Participation: Stakeholders are the primary decision makers.

    5. Integrated regional system: Networking

    Regenerate the

    region and its



    Social and economic

    development to allow

    people to thrive in their


    (avoiding emigration)

  • With the main objective of promoting sustainability in this region, the Andalusian model of development is characterized by: Creation of new channels of development through innovative, sustainable, and

    integrated support for issue resolution. Networking in the Guadix region Diversification economic. Promotion of synergy among all programs in the region. Cooperation among the programs and stable structures. Rural Development Group Guadix Includes some 150 partners : Public: 32 municipalities, Andalusia Regional Government , The Provincial Council of

    Granada. Private (stakeholders) : Chamber of Commerce of Granada, Granada Business

    Confederation, Federation of Worker Cooperatives, Business Andalusian, Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives, Bishop of Guadix, Guadix Foundation 2020, Regulatory Council of the DO, Oil Montes de Granada, C.C.O.O, A.S.A.J.A, C.O.A.G, F.E.A.N.S.A.L, Women and Cultural territory, Agrarian Cooperatives, several county associations (Tourism, Artisans, Entrepreneurs in general) and a large number of companies from various sectors of the local economy.

  • Rural Development Group Guadix : A Non-profit Association Promotes rural and economic development of the region;. Composed of private entities with a legal personality. Composed of public and private partners;. Has a democratic structure with open membership for qualified groups. Manages public (Regional Government and EU) and private funds. Responsible for awarding study and development grants to entrepreneurs for projects that

    affect the development of the region. Limits the involvement of government and public entities in the decision-making process by

    not allowing public contributions to exceed 49% of a project budget. The balance of power in decision-making is biased toward the stakeholders, the private companies, as they always have a percentage higher than 51%.

    Investment: Average investment each year 1.5 million. There are projects with a total investment of 150,000 others however are 6,000

    depending on the characteristics of the actions. Investments are funded at 60% by public funds (Andalusia + European Union) 40% by


  • Urban Plan

    Territorial Plan

    Environmental Protection Plan

    Urban planning is essential: Cities , rural areas, and undeveloped

    land for the purpose of controlling economic and urban activity in the respective areas.

    Protection of heritage, environment, and culture.

    The plans must be of sufficient detail to be useful and effective.

  • Action Plan Define the Scope. Analyze the regional impact - economic,

    social, heritage, environmental, individual.

    Diagnose (and prioritize) the problems. (Weaknesses , Menaces, Strengths, Opportunities)

    Set targets. Define specific actions to remedy the

    identified problems. (Integral actions) Coordinate the plans among the several

    entities that will be involved in the defined actions.

    Project a time line for implementation (of the proposed actions).

    Estimate required financial resources. Commitment administrative . Develop systems for public and private


  • Action Plan

    Targets: Promote activities aimed at

    increasing the employment in the Guadix region.

    Ensure the development of rural areas with economic diversification.

    Promote Networking systems within the County.

    Allows the people settings in the territory.

    Promote and participate in international development projects.

  • Advancement, improvement, and economic diversification in agriculture, handicrafts, culture and tourism. Facilities improvement projects related to the artisan sector.

    Participation in fairs and exhibitions, tourism, and agriculture.

    Biobuildings materials manufacturing company

    Modernization of wineries


  • Rural Hotels

    Regional System

    Improved production structures: Projects related to tourism structures especially conducting cave hotels, as well as spas, craft facilities, manufactured products,d.ZGU&psig=AFQjCNHkTjIT1VSphONqKk3ZoCPO6Ws3Lg&ust=1365439426461652,d.ZG4&psig=AFQjCNHP9FurXRBMjrd_EgyXzjHX5bEHNw&ust=1365586936229975

  • TROPOLIS TRO Troglodyte POLISCity

    Under Tropolis

    Interpretation Center for Granada troglodyte and handicraft

    production, workshop on: bread, cheese, wine, etc.

    Valuation of heritage and the environment: Projects related to heritage preservation, interpretation centers, publications and magazines

  • Environmental tourism. Signing of heritage and tourist routes. Horse trecking, bicycling, trecking, archery, balloon trips, gastronomy,d.ZG4&psig=AFQjCNFo-L4SuTXdi8gttQbrHVGUX8ZiiQ&ust=1365594186282322,d.ZG4&psig=AFQjCNFo-L4SuTXdi8gttQbrHVGUX8ZiiQ&ust=1365594186282322

  • Regional aid Program for housing rehabilitation Andalusia Regional Government Funds.

    Recover lifestyles associated with the house-courtyard Protect heritage = protect lifestyle

  • Regional aid Program for cave-house rehabilitation Andalusia Regional Government Funds.

  • Regional aid Program for cave-house rehabilitation Andalusia Regional Government Funds.,d.ZG4&psig=AFQjCNF74hQgjGigeVvTg0RRsw_0lD3ubQ&ust=1365698351557777