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<p>PowerPoint-presentatie</p> <p>WELCOME!Ewout Kramer, Furore Health Informatics@ewoutkramer,</p> <p>Questions?</p> <p>Ask the Red Jacket Brigade</p> <p>2nd time 10, 3rd time 142</p> <p>Student trackThursday in The Chris40 students from 15 universities from all over the worldLab system server, lab performer client, lab patient clientTeams of 2-3http://devdays-studenttrack.furore.comThe winner gets to give us a demo.</p> <p>Thursday 12:00-12:45The Argonaut Project: FHIR and the speed of the marketMicky Tripathi, MAeHC and Argonaut</p> <p>Thursday 16:00-16:45Results &amp; Presentation winner Student TrackMarten Smits, Furore</p> <p>Argonaut: 0) how to choose standards, 1) project status and could you start this in Europe?, 2) slow standardization versus the fast pace of the market, how to go live with a FHIR versions4</p> <p>TONIGHT:</p> <p>SOCIAL EVENT!</p> <p>(please, let us know if you cant make it)</p> <p>HomeFuroreFunAirportB.</p> <p>CAFE DE HEFFER </p> <p>DE WAAGNIEUWMARKTkoeieuier</p> <p>Cows UDDER8</p> <p>De Waag "weigh house" is a 15th-century building in the center</p> <p>The Waag's Theatrum Anatomicum was built in 1691 as a space dedicated to advanced experimenting, observing and learning.</p> <p>Anatomische les van dr. Nicolaes Tulp (Rembrandt, 1632)</p> <p>The Bierfabriek The first drinks are on us! (but no laptops)</p> <p>Social Event Your personal microplanning</p> <p>17:10 End of the hackathon17:15 Closing keynote by Coen Jutte17:45 Getting ready to leave17:55 Going to the bus outside B. Amsterdam</p> <p>You have to be able to get yourselves back home on your own.....</p> <p>Questions?</p> <p>Lets start &amp; have fun!Follow us @fhir_furore</p> <p>Tweets to #fhir, #fhiradam, #fhirdevdays2016</p> <p>Network: FHIR Password: DevDays2016 </p> <p>Friday 15:00-16:00Wrap-up &amp; presentations of the tracksEwout Kramer, Furore Health Informatics</p> <p>Friday 16:00-16:45The future of FHIRGrahame Grieve, FHIR Product Director at HL7</p> <p>Be warnedFriday morning we start at 9:00!!!!</p> <p>Handsome Poets - Sky On Fire </p> <p>Explain Voucher Basic Plan Simplifier = evaluation formSpeakers bedanken op vrijdagVrijdag: Ook naam Furore noemen en team bedankenFrequent FHIR.</p>