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Una manera de aprender o reforzar conocimientos sobre el ingles y sus tiempos...

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  • 1. Simple past Past continuousPast perfectPast perfect continuous

2. Usamos el pasado simple para expresar que una accincomenz y termin en un tiempo especfico en el pasado.Puede ser usado con una duracin la cual comenz y sefinaliz en el pasado: durante dos aos, una semana,cuatro das etc.Form: SUBJECT+ VERB + ED OR IRREGULAR VERBS 3. I saw toy story the last weekend.I lived in Guanajuato for 6 months.He studied English for 1 yearHe didnt sleep the last night. I didnt undestand this topic. 4. Complete the next sentences with the verb inpast.2.I ( finish) the housework3.You(draw) a pretty family4. Did you(wake up) late?5. Raul (run) 5 km the last Monday6. She didnt(buy) the jacket 5. FORMsubject+Verb to be (past) = was/ were + verb(ing)Usamos el pasado continuo para poner nfasis en el curso de una accin en el pasado.He was watching T.V. indicar que una accin ms larga en el pasado fueinterrumpidaWhen i was having breakfeast , the phone suddenlyrang Para indicar que dos acciones ocurrieron en el mismotiempo.While Mary was preparing the dinner, Robert waswashing the dishes. 6. POSITIVE:Dave was sleeping when his sisterarrived to homeNEGATIVE:Dave wasnt sleeping when his sisterarrived to homeQUESTION:Was Dave sleeping when his sisterarrived to home? 7. Whatwere you doing when youbroke your leg?I was snowboarding.I was listening the conversationwhile he was talking Joe was playing in the parkI was studying when Patrik calledto my home 8. Complete the next sentences with the pastcontinuous.3.They (eat)dinner, and(have) a good time.4. Whatyou(do) while you( wait).5.When the phone rang, Jacob (write) aletter.6. While i(do) my homework , my mom (cook) a cake.5. Thieves(steal) the market when i(arrive) 9. Usamos el pasado perfecto para expresar la idea de que algo ocurri antes de otra accin en el pasado. Tambin puede mostrar que algo sucedi antes en un tiempo especfico en el pasado.FORMSubject + had + verb past participle 10. Steve was going to be late for work, she hadoverslept When i arrived home i realized, i had lostmy bag James was very happy, he had passed theexam I had never seen such a beautiful beachbefore I went to Cancun 11. Complete the sentences with the verb in past perfect2. James felt sick ,he (eat) too much cake.3. Gina felt sad, nobody(remember) her birthday4. She was nervous, he never (had) an interview before.5. you ever(visit) the U.S. before your trip in 2006?Yes, I (be) to the U.S. once before.6. The storm destroyed the sandcastle that we (build) 12. Usamos el pasado perfecto continuo para mostrar que algo comenz en el pasado y continu hasta otro momento en el pasado. Por cinco minutos, y por dos semanas, etc. Como duraciones pueden ser empleadas en este tiempo.FORM Subject+ had been+ verb (-ing) 13. POSITIVEhe had been walking for a long time whenit suddenly began to rain NEGATIVEhe had not been walking for a long timewhen it suddenly began to rain QUESTIONHad he been walking for a long time whenit suddenly began to rain? 14. Hehad been talking for over two hours before his girlfriend arrived.She had been working at that company for three years when she went out of businessJames had been teaching at the university for more than a year before he left for Asia We had been sleeping for 10 hours when he wokes up 15. 1. You (wait)there for more than two hours when she finally arrived.2. Sam gained weight because he (overeat)3. I(work) all day; so I wasnt tired and went to the pub.4. He was tired because he (exercise) so hard5. How longshe (learn) English before she went to London? 16. Complete the next text with an appropiate verb (past) from the box. Useeach one only once.lived had lived has been livingwas livingMelvin Patterson used to lived in luxurious rented apartments in differentsparts of the world, but since November he(1) in a prisionnear Toronto.He has lived in almost all the capitals of Europe and Latin America as wellas New York, and now Toronto.He appeared to be a respectable businessman, but he was really a swindler,who tricked people into investing in companies which did not exist. FromMarch to October, 2000, he (2)in a penthouse inToronto.What he did not know was that a policeman(3)inthe building across the street. In his computer he had a collection ofphotographs and descriptions of Patterson from the INTERPOL databasecollected from all the countries he (4) and swindled in. Itwas the end of the road for one more international criminal. 17. It was Friday again, the day for famous parties at Wellington High School. Students(1)(dance) in the garden and everyone(2)(enjoy)the pleasure of being away from boring lessons.When Sarah (3)(come)to the party, the music already(4)(start). Tim suddenly (5)(notice) Sarah and(6)(feel)shocked. He had (7)(look for)her for 2 years. They(8)(meet)each other at a holiday camp in 1999, but mysteriously Sarah(9) (disappear)after a while. He (10)(think)about her sincethen. At the party, Sarah(11)(talk)to one of her friends while mostof the students (12)(drink)as much as they could. Tim (13)(decide) to talk to her and (14)(wait)for her friend toleave. When he(15)(go)next to her, she (16)(searchfor) something in her bag, so she (17)(not see) him. As soon as he(18)(touch) her on the shoulder, she(19)(raise) her headand couldnt believe her eyes. She never(20)(forget) him.At the end of the party, no one (21)(be) happier than Sarah and Timas they (22)(find) each other after 2 years. 18. SIMPLE PAST PAST:CONTINUOUS:1.Finished 1.Was eating; having2. Drew 2.were doing; were waiting3.Woke up 3.was writing4. Ran4. was doing; was cooking5. Bought 5. were stealing; i arrived 19. PAST PERFECTPAST PERFECT CONTINUOUSHad eaten 1. Had been waitingn Had remembered 2. Had been overeatingi Had never had3. Hadnt been workingi Had visited; had been4. Had been exercisingi Had builded 5. Had been learning 20. 1. Has been living2. lived3. was living4. had lived 21. were dancing13. decidedwas enjoying14.waitedcame15. wenthad already started 16. was searchingt noticed 17. didnt seefelt18. touchedbeen looking19.raisedmet 20. had never forgotdisappeared 21. washad been thinking 22. foundg was talkinggwere drinking 22. BIBLIOGRAFA 23. Guzmn Garca PatriciaMichaca Abeja Abigail Rodea Anaya ArletteUgarte Resndiz Diana