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  • 1. CICLO 2013 II Mdulo: IUnidad: 6 Semana: 8INGLES IIMg. Elsa Magdalena Diez Pachas

2. UNIT 6: FOOD 3. ORIENTACIONESEspero que usted, al finalizar es estudio de esta unidad, haya logrado: Reconocer vocabulario referente a comidas, personas en un restaurante ypreparacin de comidas, sustantivos contables y no contables. Comprender y utilizar los cuantificadores: a few, a little, much, many and a lotof y unidades de medida: a cup of, a bar of, two spoons ofetc.Recuerde que nuestro curso estar enfocado a revisar vocabulario y puntosgramaticales, tems que se tomar en cuenta en los exmenes y trabajoacadmico. No olvide de revisar sus otros materiales virtuales para reforzar susconocimientos y habilidades. 4. CONTENTSVocabulary Food People and things in a restaurant. Dialogues.Grammar Countable and uncountable nouns. Quantifiers: many, much, a lot of. Units of measure: a cup of, two glassesof etc. Exercises. 5. A: Did you eat any red meat yesterday?B: Yes, I did. I had red meat for dinner.A: Did you eat any peanuts yesterday?B: No, I didn`t. 6. Bread Cookies NutsCandy Crackers Cheese 7. COUNTABLE UNCOUNTABLECan be singular or plural. Have no pluralA crackerTwo crackersSome crackersOne potato chipThree potato chipsSome potato chipsSome milkSome fruit 8. Read the sentences. Write the plural form of the countable noun.1. Mario got a postcard last week. Postcards.2. Silvia received an award last year.3. Rafael has a sofa.4. Julia needs to buy a necklace.5. Sam is going to eat a banana on his break.6. Annie bought a chicken for dinner last night.7. She wants to buy and Egyptian sculpture.Write C in the blank if the noun is countable and UC if it is uncountable.1. Bread (UC)2. Rice3. Coffee4. Ketchup5. Ice cream6. mushroom7. Apple8. cheese9. cake10. sandwich11. Fruit12. water13. Potato14. Yogurt15. Egg16. Orange17. Sugar18. tomato19. Lettuce20. Carrot21. Flour22. Hamburger23. Fish24. tea 9. Countable UncountablePositive We eat a lot of / manycandies.We eat a lot of fruit.Negative We dont have many eggs. We dont have much salt.QuestionsDo you eat manybananas?How many eggs do weneed? A lot / a few /none.Do you drink much beer?How much salt do we putin?A lot / a little / none.To talk about large quantities we use much uncountable nouns, manycountable nouns and a lot of countable and uncountable nouns.A lot of is also possible in questions and negatives ,but its less formal. 10. To talk about small quantities we use a few for countable nouns and a littlefor uncountable nouns. 11. Complete the sentences using a few, a little, a lot of, many or much.1. Tina doesnt need to buy ______ oranges because she has _______ athome.2. My parents want to buy a beach house. They need ________ money to getit.3. Im finishing my assignment. I only have ________ questions left.4. You have to fix a lot of things in this essay. You made ________ mistakes.5. Joe is very outgoing. He knows ________ people, but has only ________friends.6. This soup is ok, but I think it needs ________ salt.7. Most of this city is modern. There are just ________ old buildings.8. I think we dont have ______ time left. Hurry up, darling!9. There are _________ guests, but just ________ food. I don`t know whatto do! 12. A carton of milk Two cans of soupA kilo of sugarA piece /slice of bread A loaf of breadMilk, soup are uncountable nouns. We say a carton of milk but notA milk. We cannot use a in front of them 13. Carton, Tin, etc.A carton of orange juice.A tin of paintA bottle of waterA box / packet of cerealA jar of jamA tube of toothpasteA glass of waterA cup of coffeeMeasurementsA kilo of cheese.five metres of cabletwenty litres of petrolHalf a pound of butterPiece, slice, etc.A piece of wood.A piece / slice of breadA piece / sheet of paperA bar of chocolateA loaf of breadNote: open your book to page 175. 14. Put a countable unit of measure in front of the following uncountable nouns.Bowl slice jar box piece bag head cup glass kilo1. A bowl of soup.2. A ___ of bread.3. A ___ of mustard.4. A ___ of cheese.5. A ___ of cereal6. A ___ of candy7. A ___ of water.8. A ___ of rice.9. A ___ of lettuce.10. A ___ of coffee.11. A ___ of wine.12. A ___ of meat.13. A ___ of ketchup.14. A ___ of icecream.15. A ___ of tea.16. A ___ of jelly.17. A ___ of pizza.18. A ___ cake.Fill in the blanks with the units of measure above to complete the recipe.Place a (1) kilo of meat in a large bowl and add a (2) ___ of cooking wine. Let itmarinate for one hour. Get a (3) ___of milk and drink it with a (4) ___ of cake whilethe meat marinates. Next, get a (5) ____ of flour and mix it with a (6) ___ of saltand pepper. Drain the sherry from the bowl. Add three (7) ___ of mayonnaise andcover it with the flour mixture. In a large pan, melt (8) ____ of butter and fry themeat until it is golden brown.Kilo bottle glass piece cup pinch spoon slice 15. A: Excuse me.B: Yes. Can I help you?A: Yes. Can you bring me some wine, please?B: Sure. Ill get some for you right now. 16. A: Are you ready to order?B: Yes, I`d like a large fruit salad andmashed potatoes.A: Do you want something to drink withyour mashed potatoes?B: Yes. Id like some cola, please.A: Large or small?B: Large, please. 17. CHECKING KNOWLEDGESTUDENT BOOKPages: 84-96,97,98,99WORKBOOKPages:78-90,91I suggest doing these activities in order to check your understanding.Please pay attention to the pages in bold. 18. THANKS